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We offer a complete line of piston air compressors, replacement pumps, tanks, parts, air treatment systems and accesories to fill your needs for reliable products and service to keep your business operating.

You can rest assured that with our partnership with our distributors, you will benefit from continuing support.


Air Compressors

Nortech has piston air compressors from 5 - 15 HP in several configurations to fit your every need.

We also offer custom units - contact us for a free consultation.

Replacement Pumps

We stock replacement compressor pumps to fit all our units, and can help you choose a pump for your compressor.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

We stock parts and accessories to keep your compressor running.

Air Treatment Solutions

Nortech has refrigerated air dryers to give you 99.9% dry air for sandblasting, painting and robotics.


Belt guard aftercoolers reduce moisture in airlines up to 75%.


We also offer special filtration for breathing quality air.

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